Books by Carl McColman

What Richard Foster and Dallas Willard were to my generation – prime tour guides to the spiritual life – I hope and believe Carl McColman will be for the next generation. If you don’t know about him and his work, you should.

— Brian D. McLaren
Christian Author & Activist

Carl McColman writes about spirituality and personal transformation. His more recent books explore Christian mysticism and contemplative spirituality. His older books reflect his interest in myth, folklore, and faith traditions such as Wicca, Goddess spirituality, and Paganism.

All of Carl’s books feature his down-to-earth voice, his optimistic and inclusive approach to spirituality, and his joyful conviction that spirituality makes a real difference in life.

Featured Titles (Click on the title to purchase from

  • An Invitation to Celtic Wisdom — Coming in late 2018 or early 2019!
  • The Little Book of Christian Mysticism
  • Christian Mystics
  • Befriending Silence
  • Answering the Contemplative Call
  • The Lion, the Mouse and the Dawn Treader
  • The Big Book of Christian Mysticism

Older Titles (Most of these are out of print, although some are available as e-books)

Alongside Carl’s love for Christian spirituality, he finds interest in the wisdom of other faith traditions, particularly Buddhism and Neopaganism. Several of Carl’s books published before 2006 reflect his interest in earth-based spirituality. Since then, his writing and teaching ministry has been exclusively grounded in the contemplative tradition of Christianity. As a Christian author and speaker, Carl remains committed to interfaith dialogue and interspirituality. He says, “I have found that my conscientious exploration of spirituality outside of Christianity has served to deepen my faith in Christ and my conviction that God loves all people.”


  • 366 Celt
  • Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses
  • Before You Cast a Spell
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Celtic Wisdom
  • When Someone You Love is Wiccan
  • The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Paganism
  • The Well-Read Witch
  • Embracing Jesus and the Goddess
  • The Aspiring Mystic
  • Spirituality